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Editing Tips for Speech Recognition

posted Feb 5, 2012, 10:07 PM by Anuradha Mandavgane   [ updated Feb 6, 2012, 10:41 PM ]


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Speech recognition was supposed to  reduce patient safety errors. However, it has done just the opposite. Instead of reducing  the mistakes, it has been increased. That is where MT editor plays important role. So even you are not typing the reports, attention to the details is very important task.  Here are some tips to avoid patient safety mistakes.

·         Focus:

1.  Synchronize the text cursor to the audible voice file.

2.  Keep following the cursor as it goes forward. If you like to stop for any reason, make sure you stop the voice file and resume when you are ready.

3.  Remember, most critical patient safety errors are errors of omission or not catching an incorrect word substitution. To avoid such mistakes scan through the document before even hearing the report. If possible, check the sample reports of the patient and the dictator. This quick look will help you to correct lots of mistakes.

3. To avoid such mistakes our Sound -Alike Words page will help you.

4. A good rule for researching blanks is 3 minutes per blank. Make a good habit of researching.  Build the library of difficult dictators along with useful websites with their specialities.

5. Do not forget to spell-check!!

6. Before you decide to submit your report, review it carefully and then submit it.


·         Invest In:

1.      Big flat screen monitor

2.      USB speakers with volume control

3.      Proper desk equipments

4.      Chair

5.      Keyboard